Ineke Dane is an award-winning curator currently based in Brisbane, Australia. She has a background in contemporary art theory, law, policy, photography and journalism; these disciplines inform her practice.

Dane currently works with UAP, a global leader in the fields of contemporary public art, design and architecture. Formerly she worked with John Kaldor AO under Kaldor Public Art Projects, and independent curator Barbara Flynn.

Dane was born in 1984 in Lismore, New South Wales, before moving to Tasmania in 1994 where she spent her formative years. She has since lived in Kenya, Tanzania, England, Canada, Italy and Germany. In Berlin she worked with international think tank The Wuppertal Institute for Environment and Energy, and as arts editor for ExBerliner Magazine. Dane studied her Bachelor of Laws LLB at Monash University, Melbourne and Prato, Italy campuses.

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